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This contemporary seascape features warm sand and brilliant blue/green sea tones with whitewater accents and muted sky tones. "Midday Breakers" reminds me of a classic summer day by the beach, down the street from my house: High intensity colors, golden sandy beaches and white breakers rolling into shore. On many sunny days, you'll find me with my toes in the sand, and my portable easel set up, painting the beauty that surrounds me. Most of my paintings are inspired by the outdoors and painted in the studio, or they are painted on-site ('en plein air', as the french say). It is painted with high quality oil paint on a solid hand-crafted wood panel. Image wraps around all four sides and eliminates the need for framing. It has a nice substantial look and sculptural feel. Looks excellent hanging alone on a small wall, or for a fun and interesting wall presentation on a large wall, buy multiples and create your own unique wall design.


  • - 8"w x 8"h x 1.75" deep - Painted on hand-crafted birch wood panel with poplar siding - Wired and ready to hang! - Signed on front and back of painting - Treated with a protective UV resistant varnish
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