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New Urban Series...

The past month has seen a flurry of new ideas and activity on my easel. I've been having so much fun lately, working on a new painting series. There are countless quirkey alleyways in this town. For years, I have walked around thinking to myself, " I should paint this." Why I haven't committed to painting them until now, I cannot say. All I can say is that once I started the first painting, my brushes simply would not stop.

It's almost as if this new series has a mind of its own. Each painting has its own story to tell. The ideas just keep coming. So I have surrendered to the process. Many artists will tell you that when they are in a creative zone, it's almost as if they are channeling something. I suppose that's what creativity is- something unexplainable, almost magical.

Where some people may see an ugly, grimy alley- I see pure potential for artistic expression. In fact, some days, mornings, or evenings- especially if the light is just right, I'll hit to the streets with my camera in tow, searching for inspiration.


'HIGH BEAMS' (16" x 20") oil on canvas

Part of the 'Urban and Abstract Landscapes' show now showing at the Forest & Ocean Gallery in Laguna Beach.

'High Beams' urban oil paintings 16"x20"


Commissioned painting

Working on these new urban paintings has been a very liberating experience for me. It has opened me to loosening up my painting style. The paintings, as a result, have a more abstract, gestural feel. This 'feel' certainly feels right to me.

What do YOU think? I'm always interested in how others relate to my work.

Feel free to email me your thoughts, or leave a comment in the box below!

Until next time,

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