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Ever considered commissioning your own unique work of art?


Do you want to turn your vision into a work of art?



Perhaps it's your favorite beach, a place that holds a special meaning, or just the light, and colors of a certain time of day that you want captured in paint. Whatever the occasion, contact me and let's talk!  


It is my passion to bring the beauty and magic of the great outdoors into your living space and onto your walls. 


From concept to completion, I will work with you to bring an idea to reality. From small to large, public or private painting, or even if you are commissioning a gift for someone, the process remains the same. Here is an overall synopsis of what to expect when you commission a painting. Please note that payment structure may vary slightly due to complexity, turnaround time and size and materials, so be sure to inquire.  


1. Before you approach any artist for a commission, you may want to ask yourself these questions so you are able to clearly convey your expectations.


  •   What you're thinking. (General concept, mood, time and place, etc.)

  •   What size would you like your painting to be? 


  •   What is your budget? Be honest so that we can determine if the project is a fit, or if there are ways I can help you to decrease the cost.   


  •   What is your deadline?



2.  ​Photographs are essential!!  Unless I can visit the location and you are giving me 100% artistic license to create a painting, the photographs you provide me are what I will use to paint from.  Therefore,  the more specific your photos are, the easier I can determine the level of detail needed.  This will not only enable me to give a more accurate representation of the subject, but also a more accurate cost estimate.                      

3.   Quote given to client.

       I will give you a quote for the final painting. The quote is an in-depth explanation of what the client should expect and will receive as an end product. The quote also includes the cost, which varies for each piece.              

4.   First payment due & painting begins

       After accepting the quote, a down payment will be paid and work will begin on the painting.


       I start the process by creating a series of small sketches, which I will email you so you can get your first look at your masterpiece in progress.              

      You dive in with any notes, ideas, or changes.

      As I get to work, I will send progress reports along the way.

6.  Client receives painting & final payment due.

Once the painting is complete, the final payment equal to the remaining amount of the quote is due and the finished artwork is shipped or handed off to the client.

Let's Get Started!

If you are ready to commission your own painting, please contact me!

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