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The world turned upside down, and we are all keeping a safe distance from one another during this time of the Coronavirus.  During a time of social distancing and stay-at-home measures, I have turned to my paints as a healthy creative outlet.  With plenty of time in my home, I created a new painting set-up I'm calling "plein air on the patio".  And what has emerged is a new collection of paintings called 'From a Distance: Rooftop Views'.  This is Rooftop View #1, facing South...A special color palette for special times, I am having fun turning my neighborhood upside down with some bold new colors.  


  • - 8"w x 24"h x .5" deep (mounted on a floating 1" square base)

    - Painted on hand-crafted wood panel

    - Ready to hang!

    - Signed on front and back of painting

    - Treated with a protective UV resistant varnish

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