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Welcome to my new blog! Join me as I take you on my wild painting adventures of the sea, the surf, and the land that connects me... one painting & one postcard at a time.

I am on a quest to capture and share the raw power and beauty of my inspirations through my artwork, through my stories, and through way that I live my life. Nothing excites me more and makes me feel more connected to life than creating art, surfing, and going on adventures. In fact, these things are usually inseparable for me, and in so many ways, the purest celebrations of life. Whether down the street or across the high seas, when I am engaged in this way, I am on fire...physically, mentally, creatively and spiritually. Anything is possible. This stirs in me an urgency to express and create art. It also gives me a strong vision of how I see my art in the world. I am excited to share my art with you, that you may be touched, stopped in your tracks, or simply made to appreciate a brief moment in time.

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