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Casa Romantica: Keys by the Sea

On February 25th I teamed up with the Casa Romantica to help execute their 'Keys by the Sea' project in San Clemente. They invited me to participate in a collaborative painting project on top of two donated pianos.

It was such a fun day! It's not often you get to lead kids in a painting project where they get to paint on furniture- much less, pianos!

I designed one piano as the 'Piano for Peace'- where I painted the entire piano in a deep blue.

The night before, I precut a bunch of bird silhouettes for the kids to trace around. They had fun choosing bird shapes, placing them wherever they wanted on top of the piano, and tracing around their birds. The only rule was they had to fill in the shape with white paint.

The result: A dark blue piano decorated with white peace doves.

The other piano was the real hit, though! Kylie, the project manager at Casa Romantica, let the kids have free-reign over that piano. It was hilarious and so fun to watch, as these kids had no limit to their creative freedom. I love watching children get lost in the creative process.

Picasso once said, "All children are artists". I really believe it. It's such a joy to be a part of that- seeing them completely immersed in a kaleidoscope of color.

The painted pianos remained on display at Casa Romantica, in the gardens. On March 5th, music students roamed the gardens all day, playing the pianos as a community performance for the public to enjoy.

Truly a fantastic project to have been a part of!

Thanks for following along!

Until next time,

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