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Tower 1: Torrey Pines

There's something liberating about breaking out of the safety zone. I usually limit myself to small paintings when painting outdoors. I don't want to get in over my head, so I keep to a comfortable, small size that I know I can finish in a short amount of time.

This entire month has been devoted to exploring all over Torrey Pines, and every time I enter the park, I drive past this scene. And I am always compelled to paint it. There's something about the simplicity of this blue lifeguard tower with the backdrop of dramatic cliffs rising vertically behind it.

It was a sunny day, with plenty of marine layer in the distance, which added to the dramatic scenery.

I decided to take a risk, and paint larger than usual- just to see what would happen. I had a 20" x 20" canvas all ready to go. However, devising a way to attach it to my easel (which only holds smaller paintings) was a challenge. Luckily, I had some bungee chords in my backpack which created the perfect solution. The setup could not have worked better!

I dug my heels in (literally- into the sand) and got to work, painting.

Because I approached this painting session as an experiment, I wasn't entirely attached to the outcome.

This took the pressure off and made for one of the most enjoyable painting sessions I've had! Venturing

into the unknown seldom disappoints, as long as I hold true to my passion for painting.


"Tower 1, Torrey Pines' (20" x 20") Oil on canvas

Also available at Misfit Gallery in La Jolla, as part of their ongoing La Jolla Plein Air Series.


565 Pearl Street #100

La Jolla, CA 92037

(858) 291-8553


As always, thanks for following along.

Feel free to email me your thoughts, or leave a comment in the box below!

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