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I was invited to be the featured artist for the San Diego Surf Film Festival. This is an amazing 3 day event that I have been associated with for the past few years. As a surfer, I am naturally drawn to events and people that share my passions. This dynamic event "interweaves film, art, interviews, music, surfing, cuisine and community in the most thoughtful ways.” (SDSFF founder and director Pierce Michael Kavanagh). I will be painting live alongside other artists during this three day event May 9, 10 & 11, 2019. Check my events page to find out all the details and buy tickets.

Having the opportunity to be featured artist for the SDSFF has inspired a whole new body of work that expresses my own celebration of the sport, lifestyle and culture of surfing. Much of the new compositions are photos taken from my own adventures.

Whether it's an early morning bike ride to my local surf break, a fiery sunset at the beach, or simply capturing what inspires me on the water, these are the snapshots of my experiences that inspire me to paint. Below are the new works, which can also be found on the San Diego Surf Film Festival page.

'Cresting Emerald' (48"w x 20"h x 3.75" deep) oil on panel

"Morning Flight" (tryptic) (24"x48") oil on panel

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