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View the painting in my gallery! This painting was painted for the Paint San Clemente Plein Air Event, where Artists come from all over to paint outdoors, and capture the charm of our little 'Spanish Village by the Sea'. I usually end up painting at least one seascape, as I am always captivated by ocean scenes, and just generally love spending time on the many beautiful beaches here. Mariposa Beach is literally a few blocks walking distance from my house, and is such an enjoyable way to spend a day, riding my bike, with my art supplies, and setting up on the sand. On the morning I painted this, I made sure to get to the beach just after sunrise, to coincide with the very low tide, in order to paint these lovely rocks and tide pools. I knew I was limited on time, not only because the light changes so quickly during that time of day (thus, affecting the colors and shadows), but because the tide would be filling back in and completely submerge the rocks. It was definitely a fun challenge!

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