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"GOLDEN BLOOMS" Oil on linen


ahhhhh New Mexico...

New Mexico will always have a special place in my heart. Born and raised, I will always consider it 'home' (my other 'home' being in the ocean on my surfboard). I visit New Mexico a few times a year to have some well-needed family bonding, time spent with old friends, and to soak up the beautiful culture, and vibrant desert scenery....and to get my fix of green chile!

This trip back to New Mexico was special for many reasons. But the most precious memories were those spent with my family- those fleeting moments of deep appreciation and unconditional love. The moments of realizing how lucky I am to have a family that truly supports my dreams, The moments spent painting with my dad and realizing how lucky I am that we share the same passion for art.

My dad, also an artist, taught me much of what I know about painting. He introduced art to me when I was a little girl. Be it time at the easel, sketching a scene, preparing painting panels, visiting art galleries, meeting great artists and discussing great art- so much of this we have done together over the years. I'll never forget the times he would set up a still life on the kitchen table so I could paint whatever fruit we had laying around, or setting up an easel in the garden to paint flowers. Little did I know how much these early experiences would influence me. Of course, going off to study art in college marked a time for me to abandon classical art and become a wild-eyed abstract painter. I suppose I'll always see the world with a bit of an abstract lens. However, nowadays, I have turned my attention back to traditional painting, while still loving the loose and impressionistic style of capturing a scene with a fresh spontaneity.

I cannot deny my passion for being in the outdoors, and wanting to capture my inspirations on canvas. So I continue to create these virtual postcards as a way of telling my story, marking the tracks of my unique adventures, and showing the paintings that are a result of my blood, sweat, tears and inspirations.

Follow my adventures and have a look around my site. Click here to view or purchase my paintings!

Until next time.....

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