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Sunset Session: Wood's Cove

The first Sunset Session painting was done at Wood's Cove, in Laguna Beach. There are countless amazing coves in Laguna Beach to spend time frolicking, swimming, and in my case, painting. Lately, I've been exploring a lot of (what is to me) uncovered territory, to get inspiration, photos and paint some plein air sketches in preparation for larger works. It's so much fun combining my outdoor excursions/paintings with my studio works. I've also been getting really excited about translating my plein air paintings into large studio paintings. And when I say large, I mean~ I'm going bigger than I've ever painted before. Kind of daunting, actually- but painting large is so fun! Stay tuned as I'll be unveiling my large-scale "Wood's Cove Sunset" painting soon. In the meantime, here's a little teaser:

Until next time...

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