ART SHOW at the Dana Point Symphony

On April 18th, I debuted my new collection of paintings, 'Sunset Sessions', for my art show with the Dana Point Symphony. I worked diligently for months building, researching, exploring, and painting. Because I love being outdoors and painting during sunset, I had been wanting to paint a new series of works devoted purely to sunsets. When I was invited to exhibit my work for the Dana Point Symphony, I knew it was the perfect venue. The exhibit hall is very large, and I knew in order to create a dramatic statement, I needed to paint some pretty large paintings. I showed 10 paintings, all displayed on easels. But I didn't stop there. You see, I've been fascinated lately by videos and multi-media presentations as a way to tell a story. Because I had toured the exhibit hall months prior to my exhibit, I remembered that there was a drop-down video screen for projections. So my mind got busy, brainstorming different ideas of how to put it to use. I wanted to create an 'experience' for the audience, rather than just a static show where people walk in, look at artwork and maaaaaybe read an artist biography on a piece of paper. I thought, "What if I make the audience a part of the experience". The end result was a looping slide show presentation which enabled me to string together images and stories of my background and experiences. I got such a positive response, as everyone kept telling me it was really impactful and gave them a good idea of who I was. I've attached the video slide show below, so you can have a look! In all, the art show was a total success. With over 200 people in attendance, I was overwhelmed with the amount of people in the room, and I received so much positive feedback, I felt as though I had accomplished my mission!

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