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I had one day to produce a finished painting that I was entering into an art show, and I couldn't decide where I wanted to set out to paint. I was feeling adventurous, but I didn't have enough time (or energy) to stray too far from home (San Clemente). I decided on Dana Point, since there are some interesting coves and stretches of beach that I hadn't discovered yet. Just beyond the Ocean Institute, over a little foot bridge, I discovered the most beautiful little cove! Only a few people were out, and it really had the feeling like it was in another part of the world. It was a sunny day in May, and the colors were so brilliant. Everything was sparkling and I was absolutely mesmerized, painting for 3 hours. I decided to title the painting, 'Dana Point Jewel', because of the beautiful colors, but also because I felt as if I had discovered a jewel of a spot to paint!

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