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I had a great experience painting at La Jolla Cove with other artists in conjunction with the San Diego Surf Film Festival. The festival showcased world-class surf documentaries, and featured many great artists' work. I was really excited to have been invited to participate in the plein air painting event, but I must admit, I was pretty nervous about showing up and not knowing anyone. Any artist or entrepreneur knows the internal struggle that ensues when you are pushed beyond your comfort zone. Of course, we all experience this to some degree, but to really reach our goals and achieve some level of success, facing fears and taking healthy risks on a consistent basis is vital. Deep down, I knew I would have fun, so I forced myself to go, meet new people and practice painting new scenery. Guess what? I had a blast. Everyone was super friendly, and I got to watch amazing international surf documentaries all weekend. La Jolla is a beautiful, artsy beach town, and provided me some great inspiration for future paintings.

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