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Waterwise Botanicals in Escondido, Ca invited artists from Laguna Plein Air Painters Association for a day of plein air painting at their Annual Succulent Celebration. Waterwise Botanicals is an amazing botanical farm with endless acres of ornamental succulents to get lost in.

While most of my paintings are fairly traditional compositions, I was looking forward to painting some not-so-traditional paintings of succulents. I decided instead of a traditional canvas, that I would paint on some wood painting panels that I built that several years back. At the time I built them, I was painting in a more abstract style. Thus, these wood panels have a more modern presentation. I realized that paintings of succulents would look awesome on them!

I approached each succulent as a still-life painting, zooming in on the subject, and focusing more on interesting shapes and colors. I've always loved the sculptural quality and brilliant colors of succulents. This plein air painting excursion provided the perfect opportunity to

play around with thick paint, and interesting color combinations. I enjoyed painting these so much that I decided to create a new collection of Botannical paintings, so... Stay tuned for news on when these become available.

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