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I just got back from a 2 week sabatical, so to speak. Not the kind of sabatical where I was in an exotic place. I was in a house, painting exotic things, in a mural painting frenzy. I had exactly 2 weeks to finish two murals before my clients returned home from vacation. I'll be posting two separate blog posts for each mural, complete with before & after photos, and a special timelapse video so you can see my process.

I actually hesitated posting anything about these projects, mostly because this is my 'old profession'. Something I did for years (under the name 'Designs by Fay') when I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. Accepting a contract with Disney moved me to Southern California and marked the end of 'Designs by Fay'. This started a new chapter of Theme Painting for Disney. After 4 years of intensity, creating projects with Disney, I realized this was definitely not the path I wanted to go down. I knew I needed to make swift changes (and take some pretty big risks) to go out on my own. As an artist, it has always been important for me to pursue a life that I love and create art that I am passionate about. This is exactly what promtped the launch of 'Fay Wyles Fine Art'.

With all that said, I still really enjoy creating murals for others to enjoy. When I accepted the commission to paint these two murals I remembered, albeit challenging, just how much fun the whole process of mural painting is.

This 'Fantasy Mural' was painted for an adorable 4 year old with a wild imagination. Think unicorn, rainbow, sparkles meets tropical ocean, mermaid magic- this girl wanted it all! When I met with each girl, I let them talk about all the things that they love and are inspired by, and helped them pick out images and themes to pull it all together. The mother was open to letting the girls be a part of the design process which made it both fun and challenging.

It was a fast and furious week of designing, drawing, painting and putting everything back in its perfect place before the clients returned home. In the end, everyone was thrilled with the final results, making me a happy camper. Hope you enjoy seeing me in action!

If you'd like to inquire about commissioning me for a special mural, please email me at or call (415) 299-0838.

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