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Creative Resurgence

Every so often, I get a deep longing for just getting away from it all. My own version of going on 'walkabout' is just a craving for the open road, expansive horizon, a need to be elsewhere in an effort to satisfy my itchy feet.

Sometimes these walkabouts are simply a short drive south, to the beach. My truck packed tightly with art supplies, surf gear, camping gear, sunhats and sandals...

with no plan but to make as much art as possible, surf often, read good books, cook my meals over an open flame, warm my feet by the

campfire, and generally celebrate the simple moments of life. Well, I was only gone 3 days this time around. Just enough time to get a good dose of vitamin-sea, sunshine, and plenty of inspiration.

I've had an idea in my head for a while to paint some San Diego beach scenes. There are so many iconic beach scenes in San Diego County that I have yet to discover, so I decided it would be a good weekend to at least hit a few spots, camp, and enjoy surfing the recent swell.

Found some great stuff to paint in Carlsbad! I have some wood panels that have been screaming for some new subject matter, and they were perfect for this San Diego beach series.

And onward to La Jolla...where I am painting some scenes for a Plein Air Painting series for Misfit Gallery, which is the headquarters for the San Diego Surf Film Festival. Such a great group of people, and they are doing some awesome stuff for the community and art scene. You can check out their website here. I will post soon about my painting(s), which will be part of their plein air show.

Until next time,

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