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creativeKIDS Workshops

Last week marked the end of my 2016 creativeKIDS art workshops. It amazes me how some things work out the way they do. At the end of 2015, the Hortense Miller Garden in Laguna Beach was awarded a small grant by the City of Laguna Beach for the purpose of offering art workshops for children at the garden.

This historic garden and mid-century modern home offers spectacular ocean and canyon views, with terraced gardens, murals and historical charm everywhere you turn.

About 2 years ago I was asked to restore an historic mural in the courtyard, which was originally painted by Hortense Miller in the 60's. You can watch a short video about that restoration process, which gives an idea of the scope of that project and how I became involved with the garden. Since then I have restored other works of art on the property, and eventually was asked to become involved with coordinating an arts education program there. I put together a proposal of different monthly art projects for kids, which was approved by the Board of Directors.

Our first Holiday Hand-painted Ornament workshop (Dec. 2015) had only 3 children, and now that our following has grown, we regularly have between 10 and 15 kids per class. I coordinate each lesson to compliment the month, season and/or a specific holiday. Projects range from mural painting and collage to sculpture and gardening.

The beauty of this program is that each class is taught outside in a beautiful garden setting. Therefore, art literally becomes a hands-on EXPERIENCE.

The creative process, in my opinion, is a wild and wonderful phenomenon- something that comes naturally to nearly every child. My aim with this creativeKIDS program is to keep that 'spark' alive through a combination of creative projects, adventure, culture, history, and immersion in nature.

Below is a recap of the 2016 creativeKIDS workshops at the Hortense Miller Garden.

Hand-painted Holiday Ornaments Workshop (Dec. 2015)


Succulent Hanging Workshop (March 2016)


Decoupage Workshop (April 2016)


Painted Sticks Workshop (June 2016)

creativeKIDS Painted Sticks Workshop Video


Painted Party Flags Workshop/ Hortense Miller Garden Open House (June 2016)


Creative Windsocks Workshop (July 2016)


Collaborative Mural Workshop (August 2016)


Glowing Paper Lanterns Workshop (October 2016)

Since the creativeKIDS program was funded by a grant, I was able to offer these workshops to the community, free of charge. This, to me, has become so important. I am passionate about EVERY child having access to these opportunities. I would love see this program grow to be able to offer these enriching creative experiences in more amazing locations, to more children. Thus, I am committed to researching grant opportunities, sponsorship and any other sources of funding that will allow for this program to develop. I am even researching the possibility of starting my own creativeKIDS nonprofit organization. This will, in turn, allow me to branch out to seek new venues for more amazing projects and workshop opportunities. Do you have experience in this? Perhaps you have a contact that I should speak with. I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to email me with any suggestions or comments, or leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

As always, thanks for following along!

Until next time,

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