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'North toward Windansea'

Yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed another full day of plein air painting in La Jolla. Part of an ongoing plein air painting series hosted by Misfit Gallery, I look forward to painting at a new location every month. Selected artists are notified via email each month with the secret (or not-so-secret) location to paint. Each location is picked specifically for it's iconic and breathtaking La Jolla scenery which, for me is a real treat, since I haven't explored the area too much.

This month: Big Rock. A beautiful stretch of beach just south of Windansea, both locally known as great surf breaks. Standing at the bluff above Big Rock, I looked south, I looked north. Then set about scouting out many different scenes that were paint-worthy. With my camera in hand, I walked the beach, hopping over rocks and boulders, careful not to get wet from the incoming tide, taking photos and gathering inspiration.

It was a pretty foggy day, but the sunshine kept making brief appearances. I decided to hike back up and paint the blufftop view looking north toward Windansea, since the light was hitting the cliffs and water so beautifully. Toward the end of the afternoon, it was getting pretty cold and windy. Sometimes that's when you know your painting is finished- when your back aches and your teeth are chattering and you can barely hold onto your brushes. Ahhhh....the labor of love!

'North toward Windansea', on view at Misfit Gallery (565 Pearl St., La Jolla) Also available for purchase in my online gallery.

Until next time,

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