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Getting 'Lost' at Torrey Pines

The La Jolla Plein Air Series continues... and this month I chose Torrey Pines as my location to get lost. (Twice in one month, and excited to go back for more!)

'Getting lost', to me, is intentional- devoid of an agenda, a map, or a time contraint (besides that of the setting sun). To get lost has more to do with venturing into the unknown in search of the beauty and serenity of nature- to explore my own artistic expression of the landscape.

With that said, and I think I speak for many plein air painters, in that it takes a good amount of preparation to 'get lost'. One must pack as if going on a trip. Proper hydration-including hot coffee :) - check. Enough food for the day- check. Clean paintbrushes- check. Enough materials (tubes of paint, turpentine, linseed oil, canvas), a sunhat, sunscreen, hiking shoes- check, check, check. Oh, and very important is to have a properly charged phone to take enough photos, listen to music, be able to make calls in case of get the idea. It's a process. And it's a process that I've grown to love and cherish.

I don't always know what I want to paint. When I arrive at a new location, I'm usually inspired and filled with energy to explore. Often times, I leave all my gear in my truck and scout around with my camera for a while looking for good scenes to paint.

When I finally settle on a scene or an idea that I think would make for a good painting, I go back to fetch my things.

Painting in the outdoors is challenging. Things can change very quickly. Therefore, one must work quickly. The light is constantly changing, which affects the entire color palette of a painting. The elements can change on a dime as well. Nonetheless, it's a fun challenge.

Each painting is an attempt to capture a fleeting moment in time. Every color, every shape and brushstroke represents an expression of something seen and felt- an observation, an experience.

One lone pine, nestled in a hillside of soft hues- against the warm sky of glowing light, setting sun.

and also at Misfit Gallery, (565 Pearl St., La Jolla).

Stay tuned for more from La Jolla and beyond...

And as always, thanks for following along!

Feel free to email me your thoughts, or leave a comment in the box below.

Until next time,

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